Two months of nomading


About two months ago, I quit my job. I sold most of my stuff, packed the rest into a suitcase and a backpack, took my wife and our dog - and flew one way to Costa Rica 🇨🇷.

My plan was simple - slow traveling combined with building a sustainable business. Month and a half had passed, and I’m sitting right now at Juan Santamaria International Airport—waiting for a flight to my next destination.

How would I sum up this period? Two words - I failed. But as it’s written in one of the books my manager at Forter gave me, as a goodbye present, this was an intelligent failure.

What does it mean? It means that I’ve learned a lot. How to (not) start a business. What works and what does not work. What are my strong traits, and what I should focus on next. Failure is an inevitable part of eventually succeeding. The people who succeed - are not the ones who never failed. The people who succeed - are those that keep going - despite their failures.

And I intend to keep going.

Pictured - me at my San Jose Airbnb, finishing some stuff before packing up for my next destination.

📍 Juan Santamaria International Airport

Me at my San Jose AirBnb
Me at my San Jose AirBnb